Nikka zaildar 2

UK Cinema Release Date:

Friday 22nd September 2017

Nikka zaildar 2 poster
Contains mild sex references and drug references. Suitable for 8 years and over
2 hours 22 minutes approx.


Nikka is a village lad who is brought up by his grandparents after his parents' death. His grandparents don't get along and are always fighting. Nikka has an uncle who doesn't stay with them because his wife and Nikka's grandmother don't get along. Nikka is uneducated but he goes to school every day to drop his nephew as he aspires to make him a doctor. But the real reason why Nikka drops his nephew to school every day is to meet a teacher he is having an affair with. They love each other a lot and wish to get married but it seems like a distant dream as Nikka is uneducated whereas Nikka's girlfriend Sawan is a teacher and also back then love marriages were not considered a good thing. Sawan's brother's wedding is about to be fixed in Nikka's grandma's maternal village. Nikka and Sawan plan to involve her brother's in-laws to fix their marriage after her brother gets married. The girl Sawan's brother is supposed get married is Roop who is known to Nikka as they used to play together as kids whenever Nikka used to visit their village with his grandmother. Sawan's brother's marriage is fixed and the wedding date is also finalized. Sawan, her brother, Roop and Nikka, all of them are very happy. Just a day before the wedding Sawan's family demands a motorcycle as dowry. Roop's grandma doesn't like that. "Today they are demanding a motorcycle so tomorrow they can demand something else as well. They could end up beating Roop." Roop's grandma doesn't like that at all. Roop's family decides not to get her married to Sawan's brother. They think that if Roop doesn't get married tomorrow then they will lose honor in the village. Nikka has come to attend Roop's wedding and he can be seen helping around a lot. Roop's grandma thinks of getting Roop married to Nikka and asks Nikka's uncle to get them married the next day. Roop's family visits Nikka's house at night and talks to his grandma about their marriage. Nikka's grandfather doesn't agree to it but his grandmother does. Grandma gives her consent and Nikka is taken back to his village overnight and forced to marry Roop. Nikka isn't happy with this marriage because he loves Sawan. Sawan doesn't know that Nikka got married to the girl her brother was supposed to get married. Nikka too doesn't tell Sawan that he got married to Roop. He continues to meet Sawan stealthily. Nikka is stuck between two girls. Grandma is worried as Roop isn't conceiving. Nikka's grandpa suggests getting Nikka married again because Roop isn't conceiving. Roop too agrees to let Nikka get married again. How does Nikka handle these two girls? Whom does Nikka end up with, Roop or Sawan?

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