Bade Miyan Chote Miyan poster
  • UK Cinema Release Date:

    Wednesday 10th April 2024

With their contrasting personalities and maverick methods, Bade Miyan and Chote Miyan need to overcome their differences and labor together to transport the offenders to impartiality and preserve the...

Mission Raniganj poster
  • UK Cinema Release Date:

    Friday 6th October 2023

A total of 65 miners were trapped in a mine, who were rescued by mining engineer Jaswant Singh Gill.

OMG 2 poster
  • UK Cinema Release Date:

    Friday 11th August 2023

An unhappy civilian asks the court to mandate comprehensive education in schools in a dramatic yet amusing courtroom play.

Ram Setu poster

An atheist archaeologist turned believer must race against time to prove the true existence of the legendary Ram Setu before evil forces destroy the pillar of India's heritage.

Raksha Bandhan poster

Lala Kedarnath, the eldest and only brother of 4 sisters, runs a chaat shop that was started by his father. Lala promises his frail mother on her deathbed that he will get married only after he fulfills the responsibility of marrying his sisters into...