Servant poster

Spoiled by his father's money, Grisha is sure of his own impunity, and therefore does not deny himself a disastrous outburst. But one day the father's patience is over - he decides to teach the careless offspring a...

The Factory poster

When a factory is bound to close, a group of workers decides to take action against the owner.

Have Fun, Vasya! poster

Contemporary Russia. Mitya and Alisa are set to get married. The problem is that Mitya is still married to Vasya, who refuses to grant him a divorce. Can Mitya and his friends convince Vasya to change her mind.

The Kitchen: World Chef Battle poster

Ivan's only interest has been in cypher codes and malware until he meets a beautiful and hot-tempered French girl. At that the girl turns out to be Russian, and it is not the only surprise in our...