Eltilerin Savasi poster

Known for their devotion to social media, Gizem and Sultan's understanding of marriage is different. Two women enter into an endless competition with each other.

Karakomik Filmler poster

4 pals find themselves in the middle of an adventure involving the US Army and aliens when one of them is gone missing during their secret weekend getaway without their wives in a spa center in Komluk. 2 ARADA: Working on a ferry as a...

The Wild Pear Tree poster

An aspiring writer returns to his native village, where his father's debts catch up to him.

Mutluluk Zamani poster

True love is not about perfection, it is hidden in flaws. The movie Mutluluk Zamani tells the story of Mert who creates his 'perfect' life without facing his past and Ada who builds her own way of life based on all of her past experiences.