Dance Party poster
  • UK Cinema Release Date:

    Friday 1st December 2023

Anikuttan's desire is to marry his girlfriend and neighbor Anitha gets complicated when his brother Boban is set to marry the Mayor's daughter who had a fling with his friend Bobby.

Big Brother poster

Sachidanadan had to go to the juvenile home for committing an unintentional murder. After his release, the recent things that happened to his family shook Sachidanandan and he had to fight against a powerful drug racket in the city.

Oru Yamandan Premakadha poster

Movie takes us into the world of a spirited youngster named Lallu and his colorful gang of friends.

Shikkari Shambhu poster

When an entire village is terrorized by the news of a tiger on the loose, they turn to Peeli and his jolly gang of friends for help. Rumour has it that Peeli is the son of famed hunter Varunni.