Creatura poster
  • UK Cinema Release Date:

    Thursday 21st March 2024

A sexual awakening causes a woman to reconsider her past relationships.

Libertad poster

Nora's quiet life is turned upside down when, during her summer holidays, this naive 15-year old comes across Libertad. This new, intense friendship between the two utterly different girls will guide them towards adolescence.

The Offering poster

Jan, a mysterious character haunted by a deep feeling of guilt, tries to get Violeta back, a youth love he lost 20 years ago, with a sickening plan.

The Days To Come poster

Vir and Lluis have been dating for a year now. Vir finds out she is pregnant. During the next nine months, Vir and Lluis will live their fears, joys, expectations and realities that, during their pregnancy, grow before them.

Petra poster

The identity of Petra's father has been hidden from her all her life. When her mother dies, Petra embarks on a quest which leads to Jaume, a celebrated artist and a powerful, ruthless man. As she searches for the truth, Petra meets Marisa...