De Nuevo Otra Vez poster

Actress Romina Paula points the camera at herself, her son and her mother in this mixture of documentary and fiction. A returns to her roots to rediscover who she is.

Family Members poster

Two adolescent siblings travel home to an out-of-season seaside town in Argentina to fulfil the last wishes of their late mother: scatter her remains in the ocean. Unfortunately, the only 'remains' they have is her prosthetic hand. Thus this...

Breve Miragem de Sol poster

Down on his luck and recently divorced, Paulo has begun driving a cab around Rio, hoping he'll make enough to send his ex money to support their ten-year-old son. He mostly works nights, so in addition to his encounters with a colorful variety...

Alanis poster

A young Buenos Aires mother finds employment as a sex worker and struggles to live under the same laws that are supposed to protect her.