Ashke poster

Ashke is a film about the cultural dance "Bhangra," and also revolves around families, relationships and fun-loving comedy.

Golak Bugni Bank Te Batua poster

Neeta and Mishri live in a small town called Bassi Batana and their fathers, both arrogant business men, govern the town. Mishri is the son of a clothes vendor while Neeta's father runs the local sweet shop. Mishri and Neeta are drawn into their...

Vekh Baaratan Challiyan poster

A couple wish to get married but are prevented by the woman's superstitious father who insists their horoscopes don't match.

Lahoriye poster

Lahoriye is the tale of two villages located on the Indo-Pak border. The innocent folks of Punjab suffered immeasurable loss of life and property at the bleeding hour of 1947 Partition. The people were destined to be separated but in spite of the...

Sarvann poster

A young man travels to India to connect with his roots; the journey changes his life.