Jodi poster
  • UK Cinema Release Date:

    Friday 5th May 2023

In Punjab in the 1980s, this musical drama follows two artists revolutionizing Punjabi folk. As the most celebrated musical duos in the region, their love story emerges. A shroud of mystery envelopes their path.

Puaada poster

Puaada revolves around a lovable and exuberant man from Punjab, Jaggi and the mesmerizing girl next door, Raunak. Jaggi is a farmer and supplies dairy to every family in his hometown. One such family is Raunak's whose father is an...

Chal Mera Putt 2 poster

Jinde Meriye poster

Yaadi falls in love with Rehmat, an innocent and focused student. Rehmat's father decides to arrange her marriage with a law-abiding man called Yuvi which places Rehmat at a crossroad in her life.

Singham poster

After taking charge as the DSP of Singham Khurd, Dilsher Sikhon sets out to end the drug addiction among the youth of Punjab. This sets him against Bhuller, a vicious business tycoon with connections in high places.