Yodha poster
  • UK Cinema Release Date:

    Friday 15th March 2024

After terrorists hijack a passenger plane, an off-duty soldier aboard devises a strategy to defeat the hijackers and ensure the passengers' survival when the engine fails.

Radhe: The Most Wanted Bhai poster

Drugs mafia has increased in India where more and more youngsters are addicted to drugs and taking their lives,The Mumbai police decides to get back suspended officer Radhe on duty to clean the city Radhe joins soon and firstly makes...

Malang - Unleash the Madness poster

Advait, a young introvert, visits Goa where he meets Sara, a free-spirited girl from London who has come to India for the first time to live life unshackled, like a vagabond. Extreme opposites of each other, they both live it up together. All goes...

Bharat poster

Bharat' is a journey of a man and a nation together. At the cusp of India's birth as an Independent nation, a family makes an arduous journey to freedom. However, this freedom comes at a cost. An 8 year old boy, Bharat, makes a promise...

Baaghi 2 poster

Ronny, is hired by ex-lover Neha, to track down her daughter Riya, who has been kidnapped.