A Tramway in Jerusalem poster

On a tramway that connects several of Jerusalem's neighborhoods from East to West, a mosaic of people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds are brought together.

Una famiglia poster

A shocking drama about a couple which debates between business, love and life.

Vangelo poster
  • UK Cinema Release Date:

    Sunday 5th March 2017

  • Directed By:

    Pippo Delbono

Theatre director Pippo Delbono visits a centre where refugees come to seek asylum. He shares their everyday lives, between painful memories and an uncertain future. Slowly but surely, the refugees open up to Pippo, telling him...

Worldly Girl poster

When Giulia meets Libero, she discovers there may be another destiny awaiting her, as they embark on an intense period together. A choice that leads to Giulia being completely cut off from the Jehovah's Witness world she...