Bangla poster

It's about an Italian young man, whose parents are from Bangladesh. He lives with his mom, dad and sister in a house in Rome. He works in a museum, and in his free time, performs with his band at small events. He is still trying to figure out life...

La profezia dell'armadillo poster

Zero is a procrastinating twenty-something guy living in the suburbs of Rome who deals daily with demotivating temporary jobs, his friendship with Secco and the presence of a giant Armadillo working as his conscience and advisor...

Stories of Love That Cannot Belong To This World poster

Claudia and Flavio were passionately in love for a long time. It all ended and things were not easy for her. After many years, their world is adrift. He feels the need to keep on going, down on the ground; she would rather never forget.

Where the Shadows Fall poster

Anna is a young nurse, in charge of a nursing home in the forests of Switzerland. The arrival of the old Gertrud starts the recovery of dreadful memories.

Italian Race poster

Giulia is a young promise of GT racing. When her life falls apart, her only hope is her brother, a drug addict and former rally champion.