Aavesham poster
  • UK Cinema Release Date:

    Thursday 11th April 2024

Three teenagers reaches Bangalore for their engineering degree and gets involved in a fight with seniors. They find a local gangster named Ranga to help them take revenge.

Premalu poster
  • UK Cinema Release Date:

    Thursday 15th February 2024

Sachin pursues romance but finds himself caught between two potential partners, leading to amusing complications.

Pushpa: The Rise - Part 1 poster

Story of Pushpa Raj, a lorry driver in Seshachalam forests of South India, set in the backdrop of red sandalwood smuggling. Red Sandalwood is endemic to South-Eastern Ghats (mountain range) of India.

Trance poster

Athiran poster

In an isolated hospital in the high ranges of Kerala, an autistic patient with special skills piques the interest of a psychiatrist, whose investigation into her past leads to startling revelations.