Khadari poster
  • UK Cinema Release Date:

    Friday 9th February 2024

While training for an upcoming wrestling tournament, the brother of a well-known gangster falls in love with the sister of a respected policeman.

Thana Sadar poster

Singham poster

After taking charge as the DSP of Singham Khurd, Dilsher Sikhon sets out to end the drug addiction among the youth of Punjab. This sets him against Bhuller, a vicious business tycoon with connections in high places.

Sikander 2 poster

After leaving his dark past behind, Sikander starts afresh in a distant village, where he is welcomed by a loving family as one of their own. However, when the only son of the family gets mixed with the wrong crowd and finds his life in danger...

Dushman: A story of the enemy within poster

Two men from India and pakistan turn friends from enemies.